About Beth

My name is Beth Muller…and I have the pleasure of introducing my program, Tender Blossoms Daycare. I have worked with children for 21 years, in every capacity. As a preschool teacher, owner of a child care business, and as a mother. My 5 sons have been my greatest teachers, as well as many incredible mentors from our amazing community of caregivers.

I also am a certified Nutrition Consultant, and for a few years focused my work in practice as a specialist in children’s food allergies and children’s nutrition. I achieved my Bachelor’s of Arts at Wesleyan University in 1997, with a major in Sociology. I am an avid yoga practitioner, and bring my devotion to the art of movement and breath to our circle times here at Tender Blossoms. I also am in love with gardening, as well as eating and cooking from the garden. This translates to an abundant garden for the children to partake in every day, as well as hardy, organic, nourishing foods provided every day at the table.

I also love to sing, and have a repertoire of beautiful songs at hand for every transition, mealtime blessing, and the random occasions that call for song throughout the day! I welcome you to enter our world and become part of this beautiful experience, sharing space and time together as we find our roots, unfold our wings, and circle together for these tender years.

I am also currently completing a Master’s in transpersonal psychology with a focus on spiritual psychology. I work with clients via telehealth in hour long sessions as a parenting and personal growth consultant.