Our Mission

The mission of Tender Blossoms Preschool and Family Home Daycare is to skillfully and lovingly meet the needs of working families for high quality childcare. It is to hold a safe space for young children to learn, play, and create in harmony with their surroundings and each other. It is to nourish young children with healthy food, rest, and play.

Tender Blossoms Family Home Daycare and Preschool offers high quality childcare on the westside of Santa Cruz, serving working families with skillful and loving care for their children, including infants, toddlers and preschoolers ages 3-5.

Our first years echo throughout our lifetimes

As children, we learn through play. The natural world informs us about life. The things we touch matter, the foods we eat matter, the words we hear matter. The way we move our bodies, the ways in which we communicate work others, the feeling of being safe and free in the same moment…all this weaves the fabric with which we cloak ourselves for the rest of our lives. These first years echo through out our lifetimes. We have a chance to give a most precious gift to our children…a time of life that is sheltered from intrusion from the world at large. A time where magic, peace, and the miracles of nature can be experienced. A time when life is not too fast, when every moment can exist on it’s own without being rushed or interrupted. We can protect this time of life for our children, as they are tender blossoms, almost ready to fruit, but not quite ready to weather the storms of life. We can give them a chance to find their roots, put their faces in the sun and drink straight from the rain. This is our chance to give them this gift which will last a lifetime, so that when it is time for them to walk in the world, they do so with an inner knowing, an inner peace, a toolbox full of skills to self regulate, self preserve, and self care. With this, they can weather any storm, climb any mountain. This is what can we give the children.

We Are a Waldorf-Inspired Preschool

How? Simply by honoring their need for a daily routine that is rhythmic, consistent, and full of time to play, eat healthy foods, rest, and be together. Here at Tender Blossoms we are committed to holding your children in safety, love, warmth and kindness. We are committed to teaching your children how to talk to one another and listen to one another with respect, love, and kindness. To make clear requests and set healthy boundaries.

Each day your child is given the opportunity to create, move, sing, dance, eat, sleep and play freely. With circle times, meal times, and nap times, your child learns how to be a part of a community while at the same time learning to self regulate their body systems, which ultimately frees them to play and develop their will for life and work. By kindergarten, your child will feel safe and happy in their bodies and confident in their abilities and will be ready for anything!

Experienced, highly skilled teachers

Tender Blossoms has amazing, experienced teachers, highly skilled and extremely talented. We are a licensed family home daycare, which means all of our teachers are guaranteed to be CPR certified, fingerprinted, and have early childhood education experience. Our founder, Lori Beth, has worked at some of the best preschools in Santa Cruz for years, and has been mentored by the most experienced child care providers in the field. She is also a certified nutrition consultant, and so cooks all of our organic meals with the highest quality kid friendly ingredients that your children will love.

Come experience Tender Blossoms for yourself. You can take a private tour by filling out your contact information here, and indicating a time and day that will work for you to come for a visit.